Monday, October 15, 2007

It begins!!

What's the current word for hip? In? Down? Well, whatever it is...I almost wasn't. I mean it's October of 2007 and I've just created my first blog.

My baby cousin Allison, who is too young to have kids of her own but has lots of them, has her own blog.

My even younger cousin Scott, who probably doesn't remember that Jeff and I once convinced him that an athletic cup could also be used as an oxygen mask, also has a blog.

So, here we go... the True Family Blog is up and running. I'll get some family pictures and updates from the girls posted soon.

I hope you enjoy...please chime in!


Scott Savage said...

Ha! I don't remember that, but will, none the less try and convince my nephews and nieces of the same thing. Much work is ahead of me!

I'm looking forward to your site. I'll add you to my blog role. Hope things are well with you all. We should expect some snow here in KC in just about a month or so. I miss Southern California.


Johnson Family said...

I LOVE IT!!! This is so awesome! I don't remember the athletic cup/oxygen mask fun, but nonetheless I do appreciate your willingness to pass on your wisdom to Scotty so the traditions of family won't be boys are definately in for it :) I will definately be checking in on you guys all the time. Hope you are great. Tell everyone up there hi from us :)

Anonymous said...

Miker--How did it feel to attend the 4th game of the National League Championship Series? Go Rockies!!!Hey--It looks like I have joined the 21st century--a regular computer wizard. Speaking of athletic equipment, have you heard about Vonnie and the "Strap"?I'll tell the tale if you post your interest.

Uncle Arlin said...

Mike, Very nice idea. Thanks for the Johnson blog.Tell your dad, or he can read it here, that it was Vonnie and the "jocky-strap" Have you heard about your dad and grandpa going to buy "straps"? Don't make me tell it without "visuals" Uncle Arlin

Anonymous said...

Arlin: I seem to remember three people on that particular shopping trip. I still don't know why we started in the Women's Dept.
Great pics Tony. Glad to hear all is well.
Re: the third brother. I showed the pic to Mom and Dad when they were here. Mom got VERY nervous. "Claimed" she knew nothing. I have the FBI working on the situation.

Anonymous said...

If you are interested, I have explained why the Rockies lost on Jeff's blog. It's a nice link--easy to keep up to date.